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– available in more than 25 colors –

Our step-by-step video tutorials are the most didactic tutorials available online. They are so easy to follow that even first time knitters will be able to use them and enjoy the experience! Our videos are in french but you can activate English subtitles in just one click.

Choose among The ComfyWool blanket, The Netflix-Night Throw, The Pouf, The Treasure Basket or the Winter is Here Scarf. Don’t hesitate to check out the “Tutorials” page regularly to discover our new creations.

Blanket ComfyWool in super chunky wool White Blanc XXL

ComfyWool was born on a rainy afternoon as we know too well in Belgium. Icy winds rushed beneath the door and monotonous grayness gradually invaded the spirits.

We had to find a solution to bring warmth to the hearts. And so it was decided!  ComfyWool would bring you an incredibly soft and comfortable natural wool that will keep you warm in any circumstances.

Learn all about our story, our values and our mission.

Skein ComfyWool grey Merino super chunky wool
Blanket super chunky xxl wool merino

Visit our blog to find out all about the multiple qualities of merino wool, the hidden secrets of the production process, our best tips and tricks, the latest trials in product development and our daily life at ComfyWool.

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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page addresses the most common concerns and questions you might have. This section covers the Shopping information, the Payment methods and the Shipping details.

We also give a lot of information about our wonderful merino wool. You’ll discover where it comes from, what its key features are and how to take care of your knitting projects.

Super chunky grey merino blanket ComfyWool

10 Colors- 10 Charities- 10% Donations

ComfyWool Ready to ship blankets run by the 10-10-10 standard: 10 colors, 10 charities and 10 percent of our profits donated.

Each color is linked with a different charity.

Our ambition is to raise awareness to the causes the selected organizations work for through our creations.