The Scarf

Feel like treating yourself with a beautiful super chunky infinity scarf? Great idea, you are going to love it! It is so warm and soft, you won’t be able to leave it all winter. Our ComfyWool is perfect for a scarf since it doesn’t itch and is hypoallergenic. It also regulates warmth and moisture to keep you at the perfect temperature and remain super comfy!

What size will I get?

The final size of the scarf  depends on the size of your stitches and how many stitches you want to add to your scarf. If you follow the tutorial, the final size of the scarf is approximately the following :

Circumference: 30 inches

Height : 8 inches

However, feel free to add a few stitches if you wish to make your scarf more loose.

Which weight do I need?

In order to knit an infinity scarf, you will need 1 lb. of ComfyWool.

Since we do not offer skeins of 1 lb., we recommend you go for the 6 lb. skein and treat your family and friends with a beautiful scarf too – or you can combine a scarf and a treasure basket, a smaller throw (for a kid for example), a super comfy bed for your favorite pet,… Or you can get 10 lb. and make a scarf and a big blanket with the rest. There are many options!

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