The Treasure Basket

Learn how to hand knit these adorable little baskets with 100% pure merino wool.

They’re perfect in any room: in the living room as a scandinavian style piece of decor perfect to store your remote controls and other stuff lying around on your coffee table, in the bedroom for an additional “comfy” touch and to make some room on your nightstand, in a kid’s room to comfortably install their favorite teddy bears or their cutest pajamas… etc etc!

What size is this basket ?

The final size of the basket is approximately the following:

Height : 7,5 inches

Diameter : 13 inches

Which weight do I need?

In order to knit one of our super trendy baskets, you will need 1,5 lb. of ComfyWool.

Our smallest skein size being of 6 lbs, this allows you to knit a variety of items: 4 baskets for different rooms of your house or for your family and friends, 2 baskets and 2 infinity scarves, a basket and a kid-sized blanket,… let your creativity go wild! 🙂

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Merino wool basket for cat or dog chunky feel