The Netflix Throw

Our most popular DIY project… Just a bit smaller!

Ever wanted to create an amazing piece of decor for your home? The Netflix throw will definitely cosy up your interior. It will sit beautifully on your couch ready to be snugged into. Our clear video instructions will allow expert and beginner knitters to create this gorgeous dream blanket.

What size will I get?

The final size of the blanket depends on the size of your stitches.

We recommend to cast stitches of 5 inches for the first row and then 4 inches for the rest of the blanket.

Following these recommendations, the final size of the blanket is: 35×60 inches.

Which weight do I need?

In order to knit this very popular blanket, you will need 6 lb. of ComfyWool.

The wool is available on our online shop.

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Comfortable and warm throw in pure merino wool ComfyWool