Why DIY is good for you

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DIY – “Do It Yourself” – is good for you. Why, you ask?

Here are 5 reasons why

(and there are many more)!

The reasons why people start a DIY project are numerous. DIY not only is a great way to save money, it also gives you hands-on ways to make your dreams come true! And admit it — creating something on your own is immensely satisfying.

Here are 5 reasons why DIY projects are so good for you:

  1. It gives your brain a boost

Starting a DIY project is a great way to develop new skills or knowledge. Whatever your project, it will teach you something new and improve your capabilities. What’s more, allowing ourselves time to enjoy a practical activity is good for the brain and allows our brain to blossom with new ideas and extended creativity. Who doesn’t like that kind of boost?

  1. It develops passions

From helping you uncover your natural talents to pointing you toward your values and passions, DIY is a great way to find out what matters most to you. Plus, DIY projects offer a great way to express your personality! Win-win.

  1. It encourages taking a break from technology for a while

Due to the digital nature of today’s world, we spend quite a lot of our precious time on phones, tablets, computers or watching TV. When focusing on a manual task, we switch off from the madness of emails, calls and social media for a while and enjoy spending some time on our DIY project. Try and challenge yourself to switch off every now and then to get on with a DIY project away from all the stress and see how it makes you feel.

  1. It brings people together

There aren’t many things as efficient in bringing people together – willingly, I’m not talking about how a crowded subway during rush hour – as shared interests and passions. Shared DIY projects do just that : whatever DIY project you go for, you’ll be surprised how much support and how many tips you’ll get from the DIY community interested in the same field of projects as you. It is especially nice to share a DIY experience with kids, friends or family.

  1. It helps you gain freedom

When becoming a true DIY-er, you’re able to rely less on the products, services and expertise of others. Instead, the new skills you develop increase your self-reliance and give you a sense of freedom that is very rewarding. This sentiment applies to how you handle stressful situations in other areas of your life too.

As a conclusion: DIY is great for you, your mind, your brain, your relationships – and much more! So don’t wait any longer, head to our shop and get started with your first superchunky blanket DIY project thanks to our video tutorials 🙂

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