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My name’s Charlotte and I have decided to share ComfyWool’s story with you today.

The whole ComfyWool project started with the realization that I am always cold. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how little cold I need to feel all my ends slowly freezing – toes, fingers, noes, you name it.

This led me to become obsessed with anything that can keep me warm since as far as I can remember. And the one thing I’ve always been obsessed about most is…


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I love, love, love blankets, for many reasons;

  1. They are warm
  2. Time spent in a blanket is ALWAYS a good time
  3. They are essential to turn a house into a home thanks to their coziness and, if you choose them well, their style and value as home décor.

The second thing to know is that I am also obsessed with making stuff, learning new methods, discovering new materials and putting my creativity to work with DIY projects. I just love that feeling you get when you’ve achieved something new and when you tell your friends “I made this myself” and see how impressed they are. It is so motivating.

…Start to see where I am going with this?

Here’s what happened next: After spending years in search of the perfect blanket, I sighed “If only I could find a way to make the blanket of my dreams myself”. And that’s where my friend Basil enters. He’s a kick-ass entrepreneur, always ready for a new challenge and the absolute master of good deals.

He spent a while looking for the best supplier of the most perfect wool to make my wish come true. This is how I first started knitting superchunky merino wool and it-was-awesome.

That’s when it happened: we decided to launch ComfyWool (formerly called SuperComfy), bringing the best wool and greatest tutorials to you, to give all of you a chance to make your very own blanket dream come true!

We look forward to see you start your ComfyWool experience and wish you tons of super Comfy moments to come!

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