Knitting, a healthy hobby

Knitting has therapeutic benefits for both the mind and the body.

Stress, anxiety or even depression are major issues in our societies since we all have such busy lives. The research led over the past thirty years has demonstrated that stress can lead to all sorts of mental health problems, and can play a major role in so many different medical conditions.

Many people are looking for ways to manage their stress – some take tablets or supplements, some turn to more traditional methods like gardening, practicing yoga or meditation, but here’s the real secret to combat stress: Knitting! Yes, you have read correctly. If you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed… Just try sitting down, and knitting for a while. You will soon realize how good it makes you feel.

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And the best thing is knitting is easy to learn! Especially if you start knitting with our diy video-tutorials that you will find here. This makes it easily accessible to all and can be done on a daily basis. No excuses, give it a try!

Knitting requires just enough attention to make you focus and let go of your stressful thoughts but at the same time it gives you time to slow down, take a break and feel relaxed.

Betsan Crokhill is the founder of Stitchlinks. The work she is doing is research into the benefits of knitting to develop Therapeutic Knitting as a tool for wellbeing. She says “a meditative-like state seems to happen as a natural side effect of the rhythmic movements of knitting”.

USnews writes what makes knitting different from other types of creative therapies is: “The craft’s two-handed, repetitive movements paired with its tactile, visual and emotional stimulation are among the aspects that make it especially effective, pros say. Knitting also offers a rare sense of control, in part because knitters can easily undo any mistakes and use that same yarn to try again. And, unlike many other crafts that require a stretch of dedicated attention, knitting can easily be picked up and put down again just a few minutes later.”

In an interview she has given to Womansweekly, Betsan Crokhill says:

“Health and wellbeing is about so much more than isolated symptoms and medication – it’s about the whole person and their environment. Therapeutic Knitting can help people address a wide range of issues to improve general wellbeing”. She adds “If you’re fit and healthy Therapeutic Knitting can help you to manage the ups and downs of normal life. If you’re unwell it can complement your medical treatments to help you deal with the ‘other issues’ that influence how you respond to treatment or manage your symptoms. My work has shown that issues such as social isolation and loneliness; stress, worry, fear; lack of rewarding occupation; low self esteem and confidence; loss or enforced change in identity make a difference to whether you sink or swim!”

And the best part is your healing-myself-through-knitting session will result in a self-made knitted throw or whatever else, that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. Imagine that! Isn’t it incredibly satisfactory?

At last, we would like to point out that Betsan Corkhill explains how she surveyed over 3,500 knitters with Cardiff University and found that the more frequently people knitted, the happier and calmer they said they felt.

Which means there’s no time to lose, head to our shop, buy your knitting supplies and start knitting your way into happiness!

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