How to take care of your products made of merino wool

This is a question we get a lot, which is why we decided to reveal some of our best guarded secrets to you on how to take care of your merino wool items and make them live a long and prosper life!

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First of all, keep in mind that our merino wool is a very pure product made from unspun merino roving. This means it is a quite fragile and should always be handled very gently. Try your best not to rub it against synthetic or abrasive materials or to repeatedly fold and unfold it.

Also keep the risk of making stains on your wool to a minimum by avoiding to leave your blanket or other items in places where you’re used to eat a piece of chocolate, drink a glass of red wine, let your children train for their careers as painters… etc.

If you do get a stain on your ComfyWool creations, rinse it asap with clear water to wash it out. Remove some of the water by dabbing on it with a towel then lay your wool flat to let it dry in a place where it will get some air.

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Due to the very nature of our wool, some pilling will occur naturally and is inevitable. The math is easy, just like with your favorite sweater, the more you use it, the more pilling is likely to occur. The pilling is due to some thin fibres going rogue and leaving the rest of the fibres that forms the yarn, entangling themselves with the other little rebels they meet on their way.  Do not pull on the parts that pilled too roughly as this will make your tear big parts of your wool unnecessarily. Rather, we recommend you pull on them gently and in the direction of the yarn in order to blend them back in. You can also gently cut them with scissors.

What’s more, if you notice that your blanket picked up some dust, hair or whatever else, avoid pulling on it too. You will save quite some time by giving it a good shake, preferably in a ventilated room, in order to make any undesirable squatter fall down, without damaging your blanket or other creation.

We also recommend to pat your blanket like you pat your favorite pet while watching a movie or having a cosy conversation. Do it in the direction of the yarn, this will smoothen your blanket and help keep the fibres stick together rather than going for a pilling adventure.

Last but not least, never-ever-ever put your merino wool in a washing machine. It is too hot and way too brutal for your wool and will turn in into felted wool, which will take away sooo much of its beauty and softness, you will regret it for sure!

Alrighty, I believe you are ready to go! You now know all there is to know about how to take care of your merino wool.


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